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Инжиниринговые проекты под ключ

Siapro осуществляет разработку инновационных инжениринговых проектов в области литейного производства, металлургии, дробеметной очистки и подготовки металлических поверхностей, машиностроения и смежных проектов. Мы осуществляем весь спектр инжиниринговых услуг: консалтинг, проектирование, производство и поставка оборудования, монтаж и техническое обслуживание оборудования, оптимизация и модернизация оборудования.
Мы являемся международной командой квалифицированных консультантов, инженеров и технологов в области оборудования для литейных производств. Мы имеем хорошие знания и опыт, полученные на основе длительной работы в промышленности. Наши услуги отличаются и профессионализмом и качеством.
VIDEO Company presentation       VIDEO Foundry Equipment       VIDEO Shotblasting Machines

Наивысшие требования к дробеметной и механической очистке металлов

Благодаря нашей новой революционной технологии E-ECO CPMT для полного контроля процесса обработки металлов мы предлагаем высочайшее качество процессов и самые высокие требования к обработке металлов. Благодаря эффективному контролю, в сочетании с новой дробеметной турбиной E-ECO, и последнему поколению AAD-клапанов, для автоматической дозировки абразива, мы соответствуем самым высоким требованиям клиентов.

Стандартные дробеметные установки в наличии

E-ECO Siapro Высокоэффективные турбины – Разработка Siapro, Оптимизированный прайс (Базовый, Упрощенный, Специальное решение), Хорошая цена для предлагаемого качества и надежности конструкции
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Crafting Tomorrow: From 2d to 3D design and to machine parts manufacturing

Designing and manufacturing machine parts is a riveting journey that in general melds professional engineering with precision simple works in production #industry. The same is also in our companies Siapro and Strojrem, where we start our products from electrical and mechanical designing to final production for example Transport conveyors, shotblasting machines, industrial equipment and hydro power plants.
In the realm of 2D design, engineers start the work, capturing the essence of the part's functionality, they continue with the transition to 3D design, where these parts come to life in #digital and if necessary #virtual world.

In our case, machine parts for sandblasting machines, conveyors, foundry or hydropower plants become reality through the production process.

Precision is the heartbeat of this process, with engineers orchestrating a #tolerances and #specifications, where good connections between software and hardware is necessary. Each cut, each layer, and each detail are important to precise and quality final work. Technical prowess needs to combine with this simple manufacturing operations at the end.
It is nor joust the engineer's ability to bridge the gap between concept and reality. We proudly follow and implement the standards in the machine production of Strojrem and Siapro, respectively in the Siapro Group.
Celebrating the engineers who breathe life into machines, transforming sketches into semi and final products.
Photos: Roller conveyors for Siapro shotblasting machines form design to final production in Strojrem


Siapro December 2023 event, New Year's dinner and evening in a relaxed atmosphere, where there was no shortage of good cheer and dancing

The annual meeting of the Siapro team with an evening get-together and a New Year's dinner is very important, as it gives employees the opportunity to talk about the achievements of the past year, discuss goals for the coming year and strengthen team ties in a more relaxed and festive environment. This opportunity fosters a sense of camaraderie, boosts morale, and reinforces a shared commitment to shared success. It also allows management to communicate key messages, recognize achievements of the work team and inspire the team for future challenges and opportunities. In general, the combination of a group meeting of employees and a New Year's dinner creates a positive atmosphere that gives motivation for a good transition into the year ahead.


Elevating Shot Blasting Machine Quality: Own production faccilities and our Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) Process

At Siapro company we take immense pride in delivering cutting-edge shot blasting machines that redefine industry standards. Our commitment to excellence is epitomized by our rigorous Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) process, a pivotal phase in our manufacturing journey. VIDEO Factory Accpetance Test Siapro
With our production facilities for shot blasting machines (more than 75 highly professional employees and as much as 3,860 m2 of covered production areas) we highlight key aspects that demonstrate the quality, efficiency, and innovation in our manufacturing process. We would like to emphasize:

1.     Customization Capabilities:  flexibility of our production process to accommodate customized specifications. Our buyers are interested in machines that can be tailored to their specific needs. With many references we can give you insight into showcase of our ability to customize orders.

2.    Production Quality Control Measures: 100% own quality control measures in place throughout the production process is very important for us. This includes detailing how we ensure that each component and the final product meets or exceeds industry standards. Certification processes and quality assurance checks should be highlighted in our manufacturing processas we are known of producuing robust machines with long term durability.

3.    Functional Brilliance: During the FAT, every aspect of our shot blasting machines undergoes meticulous scrutiny. From blast wheel precision to conveyor system reliability, we ensure that each component seamlessly integrates, contributing to the machine's optimal performance.

4.  Performance Pinnacle: We don't just meet expectations; we exceed them. Performance testing is at the core of our FAT, validating the speed, accuracy, and efficiency of our shot blasting machines. The result? A guarantee that our machines deliver unparalleled surface finish, cleaning quality, and production throughput.

5.  Safety Assurance: Safety is paramount. Our FAT includes exhaustive safety testing, examining emergency stop functions, interlocks, and other safety features. Your peace of mind is our priority—we ensure that our machines comply with the highest safety standards.

6.  Customer Witnessing: Transparency is key. We invite customers or their representatives to witness the FAT. This firsthand experience allows for questions, clarifications, and approval, fostering a partnership built on trust and collaboration. Join us in revolutionizing shot blasting technology.
Photo: Picture shows Shotblasting machine Siapro for SHOTBLASTING GAS BOTTLES during production in our production hall.


Environmental friendly workspace during Metal Surface Preparation: Siapro Mesh Belt Shotblasting Machine with Noise Reduction Chamber

Elevate your industrial processes with efficiency, precision, and reduced noise levels! What sets Siapro apart is not just the outstanding quality of machines, but the commitment to creating a better working environment. Let's talk about the game-changer – the Noise Reduction Chamber! A special chamber was designed to significantly reduce noise levels during the shotblasting process. This means a quieter and more comfortable workspace for your team, leading to increased productivity and a healthier work environment. Siapro company takes it a step further also with our E.ECO technology. These shotblasting machines are equipped with our own developed E.ECO blasting turbines, ensuring top-notch performance, efficiency and cost effectiveness. VIDEO

Photo and video: Big Mesh belt Siapro shotblasting machine 100% produced in Europe at the Siapro production facility and in operation in Scandinavia


Highliting role of mechanical and electrical engineering in every day life and future prepective of engineering

As engineering comany working in mechanical and electrical designing from beginig of the new project to final manufactiring of the equipment we are strongly involved in projects how to motivate young people for technic. We introduced our professuuon to shol children from OŠ Deskle and Kanal ob Soči.We show them real-world applications, show them our experiences and work in robotics and machines building, that can ignite their curiosity and passion for tech, we introduce young people to successful individuals in the technology field in Siapro company who inspire and serve as relatable role models, etc.
We try to create a suportive engineering environemnt with opening door of our company to young people, who can learn from practical experience.


Very important thing is to emphasize the future prospects of engineering to young people. Highlight the numerous career opportunities and job demand in the tech industry, emphasizing the potential for innovation, creativity, and financial stability. We discuss with ypung poepole who visit our company the versatility of tech skills and how we can open doors to diverse career paths.

Demonstrate how technology impacts various industries and everyday life, highlighting its role in solving real-world problems. This helps young people see the relevance of technology in their lives and how they can make a positive difference.
Foto: OŠ Deskle in Siapro


Electrical programming of equipment for a new Siapro shot blasting machine with a track and 8 turbines Siapro E.ECO of 11 kW power

Foto was made during programming electrical equipment for a new Siapro shot blasting machine with a track and 8 turbines Siapro E.ECO of 11 kW power. Machine will have a special track for loading products of weighing up to 5000 kg. All equipment is made in Europe. We are a reliable manufacturer.
Electrical programming involves:
1. Programming involves creating a control system that manages the machine's operation, including its conveyors, truck, blast wheels, and dust collection systems.
2.   Programming relies on specialized software to control the timing, speed, and intensity of the shot blasting process to achieve the desired surface finish on the workpiece.
3.   Safety features, such as emergency stop protocols and interlocks, are crucial in the programming to ensure operator and equipment protection during the shot blasting operation.
4.   Regular maintenance and monitoring of the electrical programming are essential to maintain the machine's efficiency and safety while extending its lifespan.
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