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The line for the heat treatment of thick plates (HTL - Heat Treatment Line) is used for the thermal treatment of special plates for the most demanding applications. At the beginning of the line are built two gantry cranes, trolleys for a package of plates, Siapro shot blasting machine type RC 2600x100 E-ECO with CPMT technology and part of the transport rolles.


On Friday, 16. 09. 2016 we would like to invite you to visit the Siapro exposition at 56th International Foundry Conference Portorož 2016 with Siapro contribution:
11.50-12.10h: B. ČUK, Siapro d.o.o. (SI): Decrease of production costs by regeneration of green sand (case study)
Section A, Hall: Robert Scott - Cast iron and casting technology


With proper regeneration of the sand returned may be inert substances and the fine fraction maintained at at the desired level  with also reduced consumption of sand. Consumption of sand is reduced to around 40%, parallel is reduced also consumption of bentonite and blackness. Investment in sand regeneration equipment is returned in less than 2 years, as shows our reference example of installation of the equipment in the Slovenian foundry.

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