Hoist for bridge crane DEMAG without trolley USED

1.KBH 112
  Load capacity 2500 kg
  Manufacturer: DEMAG
  Year of manufacture: 1989
  Rope diameter: 7,5 mm
  Power: 3,6 kW
  Speed of rope: 8 m / min
  Slow speed of rope:0,8 m / min
  RPM: 1420
  Note:    In good condition

2.KBA 80
  Load capacity 3200 kg
  Manufacturer:    DEMAG
  Year of manufacture: 1996
  Rope diameter: 11 mm
  Power: 5,7 kW
  Speed of rope: 10 m / min
  Slow speed of rope: 1,3 m / min
  RPM: 1370
  Note: In good condition

  Load capacity 1000 kg
  Manufacturer: DEMAG
  Chain kit
  Note: In good condition

4.DKUN 1-125 K V1 F4
  Load capacity 125 kg
  Manufacturer: DEMAG
  Power: 0,06 kW
  Without chain
  Note: In good condition
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